Satzung des Vereins

1. Name and society headquarters

The name of the society is Friends of Clan MacLaren e.V..
The society headquarter is Wuppertal, Germany.

2. Social system

The Friends of Clan MacLaren e.V. is a registered, nonprofit society.

3. Purpose of the society

The Purpose of the society is to preserve  history  and tradition of the Clan MacLaren as well as promotion and fosterage of connection and kindship between Clan Members and friends of the Clan in Germany, and search and integration of Clan Members living in Germany, so agreed with the ClanChief.

The Friends of Clan MacLaren e.V. keeps friendly relationship to Clan Societies all over the world and offers support to their members and all Clan MacLaren members at their stay in Germany.

The Friends of Clan MacLaren e.V. stays loyal to the Clan MacLaren and its Clan Chief and offers every possible help in Germany.

The first responsible language is German, the second is English.

The society has no commercal objectives.

4. Membership

The executive board of the Friends of Clan MacLaren e.V. approves amicably applications of new members.
A supplimentary application for membership of the Clan MacLaren society would be desirable.

Everybody who is interested in Scottish History and Tradition can become Member of the Friends of Clan MacLaren e.V..

Members can cancel their membership by written notification to the executive   board at any time without giving reasons.

The general meeting is allowed to expell a member on application of another member, if the member damages the reputation of the Friends of Clan MacLaren e.V.

Dues will not be refunded to members who resign or are expelled.

4.1 Probationary period

During the first 12 months beginning of a newly applied for membership, there is a trial period that allows both sides to terminate the membership at any time.

The probationary period serves to protect the association. Thereby can be unreliable members dismissed outside of a complete association meeting of the association. This also applies to behaviors that damage or disparage the reputation of the Clan MacLaren

5. Membership fee

Until a decision by the General Meeting to offer effects is made, the membership fee for full members shall be € 24 annually and for families € 50 annually.
Membership fees are due for payment until the15th March.
Exemptions are decided by the executive board on request.

The admission fee for new members is € 10.

6. Financing

The Friends of Clan MacLaren e.V. is financed

  • through the contributions of its members
  • through donations of third parties
  • through sponsering
  • through earnings of own events

The treasurer keeps record of the finances of the society and reports to the board regularly. The cash books are checked yearly by the cash auditor.

7. The Board

The Board of the Friends of Clan MacLaren e.V. consist of at least three persons.

  • the chairman
  • the vice chairman
  • the treasurer

Descisions will be made by common accord of the Board.
The chairman or his substitute acts as a representative of the the society.
He has to follow the resolutions of the Board and/or the articles of the society.

The Board will be elected  every two Years with a simple majority at the Annual General  Meeting.
Re-election shall be permitted.

The general meeting is able to dismiss the Board through a three-quarters majority.
New elections have to take place immediatly.

The acting Clan-Chief of the Clan MacLaren is the Honorary President of the Friends of Clan MacLaren e.V.. He has an advice function.

8. General meeting

A general meeting is summoned by the board as deemed necessary.
The general meeting may be convened by the Board or by an apply of a member.
The general meeting is resolutionable if it was called up three weeks before in writing and at least seven members with voting power are present.
Every member of the Friends of Clan MacLaren e.V. is eligible to vote.
A vote in writing from an bsent member is possible.
An annual general meeting has to take place every year before the 1. of March.

9. Amendment of Articles

An amendment to the articles can be made with three-quarters majority.

10. Dissolution of the society

The dissolution of the Friends of Clan MacLaren e.V. can be submitted by the board of the society. The dissolution needs a three-quaters majority.
The assets of the Friends of Clan MacLaren e.V. becomes property of the Scottish Clan MacLaren Society.