Highland Games 2014

Scottish Days/Highland Games 2014

The 5th Scottish Days/Highland Games of the Friends of Clan MacLaren will start on 6. and 7. September 2014. The games are co-organisized with the CVJM-Westbund which will be available and provides terrain and catering. We would like to thank for the great support in advance.


There are traditional competitions such as caber toss, tug of war, and so on. Totally there are 11 disciplines with two separate votes for amateurs and semi-professionals. If you would like to participate with a team on real Scottish Highland Games, please contact us.

The program includes plenty of pipe music, Celtic Dance & Riverdance from the group Celtic Dance Company from Wuppertal. Child care is offered by various Wuppertal CVJM groups. Many traders are back on site – including a scottish knife maker, a Whisky-dealer, a blacksmith, and many other distributors from Germany and from the Great Britain.

Saturday is provided as a training day. On this day, we give you a presentation and introducing in the disciplines. Also starts at 7:30 pm clock live music.
The Sunday begins with a church service at 10.30 am. The competition area will open at 11:30 am and the entry of all participants beginning at 12:00 clock.
We are looking for sponsors. We offer interesting advertising opportunities and benefits for both sides. If you are interested contact us.