Baum(stamm)werfen mal anders

Bei der knut Baumweitwurfmeisterschaft 2019 beim IKEA Wuppertal waren wir dabei und haben mitgemacht.
Eigentlich ist es nichts ‚Neues für uns mit Baumstämmen zu „werfen“ aber so mit allen Ästen dran und den ganzen Nadeln ist es doch schon ein wenig anders.Aber es hat sehr viel Spass gemacht! Ob einer von uns jetzt „knut Baumweitwurfmeister 2019“ geworden ist, erfahren wir erst noch!

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Knut ist wieder da beim IKEA in Wuppertal

MacLaren Clan-Schwert II.

A wonderful spring day in Muttenbachtal. In high spirits, beverages and even prepared food we forged on our clan sword under the expert guidance.


Pictures tells more than thousand words. Look in our gallery clan sword forge II and let this beautiful day happen again.

3. Highlandgames 2013 Kamen

A delegation of the Friends of Clan MacLaren finished with eager the 4th Place of the amateur teams on the 3rd Kamen Highland Games 2013. To take this opportunity again to congratulations and respect!
4. Platz der Hobbyteams in Kamen

4. Platz der Hobbyteams in Kamen

Worth mentioning is that 7 hobby teams and a total of 16 Teams have start. The competition was held with best weather and is absolutely in need of repetition. Thanks again to all competitors of the Friends of Clan MacLaren.

Highland Gathering Peine 2013

On 04 and 05 May our delegation visited the „15th Highland Gathering and International Pipe Band Championship 2013“ in Peine. There we spent two wonderful days with our friends of the clan MacLeod, MacKenzie, MacFarlane and MacGregor and the Highland Clan Coesfeld.

A special highlight was the visit of the Chief of the Clan MacDonald to our stand

Duncan MacDonaldScottish Minister

We had also the honor of the Scottish Minister for Public Relations with our friends of the Clan MacLeod. As always, all was very hospitable and we have a lot of  fun. On two days we listening the sounds of the Highland Bag Piper from all over the world. Really impressive.

Thanks again to the organizers. It was a really successful event with many stalls, pipers, dance groups and athletes.

We are already looking forward to next year and will definitely come back!

More information can be found on the website of the Peine City Marketing: Also, you can find below a gallery collection of photos for this event.