Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

[de]Frohe Weihnachten …[/de]

[en]Merry Christmas …[/en]

[de]… und einen guten Start ins Neue Jahr[/de]

[en]… and a Happy New Year[/en]

[de]Wir wünschen allen MacLaren und Familienzugehörigen, allen Septs und Freunden sowie all unseren Helfern und Menschen, die uns Nahe stehen, ein gesegnetes und fröhliches Weihnachtsfest 2013.[/de]

[en]We wish all MacLaren, Family and Clansman, all septs and friends and all our helpers and people who are close to us, a blessed and Merry Christmas 2013.[/en]

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Original photo by AurélienS on Flickr

[de]Anbei ein schönes Weihnachtsgedicht mit besten schottischem Humor und Akzent:[/de]

I am a little fairy
On tap o' the Christmas Tree
It's no' a job I fancy
Well how would you like tae be me

A tarted up wi' tinsel
It's enough to mak ye boak
An a couple o' jaggy branches
Rammed up the back o' your frock

An' these wee lights a'roon me
I canny get my sleep
An' there's the yearly visit
Fae Santa - Big fat creep!

On Christmas Day I'm stuck up here
While you're a' wirin' in
An' naebody says 'Hey you up there
Could you go a slug o' gin?

It's nae joke bein' a fairy
The job's beyond belief
You've got to go roon' the wean's beds
An' lift their rotten teeth

But o' a' the joabs a fairy gets
An' I've mentioned only some
The very worst is sitting up a tree
Wi' pine needles up yir bum

When a' the fairies meet again
By the light of' the silvery moon
Ye can tell the Christmas fairies
They're the wans that canna sit doon

The Christmas tree's a bonny sight
As the firelight softly flickers
But think o' me I'm stuck up here
Wi' needles in my knickers

So soon as Christmas time's right by
An' I stop bein' sae full o' cheer
I'll get awa back tae Fairyland
An' I'll see yous a' next year.


[de]In diesem Sinne … ;-)[/de]

[en]Take care![/en]